Equipment Purchase And Sale Agreement

(e) the costs of the services mean that the sellers relate to the actual direct costs associated with the provision of services under this contract or a GAAP declaration of work, as well as the direct costs associated with compliance with the buyer`s compliance standards, in accordance with Section 10, which apply to the service in question; Plus the sellers` insurance costs (as defined in section 14) that are allocated for each work account between production and production costs, based on the relative direct costs incurred for each of these instructions and distributed monthly between work titles, relative to the total direct cost of all projects for this month, plus (i) for services specifically related to medical sterilization equipment, a breakdown of the overhead and administrative expenses of sellers (excluding sale), marketing, accounting, financing or advertising costs of the Chief Executive Officer`s office of the Seller, directly attributable to the exercise of these services under this contract or a statement of work , in the case of services specifically related to all systems other than medical sterilization devices, a breakdown of the seller`s administrative and general expenses (excluding sales, marketing or advertising costs or expenses of the Seller`s Chief Executive Officer`s office) directly attributable to the performance of these services under this contract or to a work statement established in the GAAP. Under no circumstances are the sellers` fees counted more than once when determining the sellers` services. Razzolink Serviceequipment Sale and/or Purchaseand Use agreementrazzolink, a California-based company licensed to provide the services and equipment required by this agreement (hereafter the entity) and the person (s) and/or person,… c) safeguards and security. Without restricting the universality of Section 15 of this contract, each seller and purchaser is liable for any injury or damage suffered by individuals or property that may result from his or her fault or negligence or, in the case of the seller, its subcontractors or suppliers related to the provision of services. The seller is responsible for the maintenance and protection of all devices and materials provided by the buyer, his partner or his customers to the seller until the final acceptance of the services. The seller takes all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of independent sellers or contractors on the site and prevents accidents or injuries of people, near or near the site. In addition, the seller must at all times put in place and maintain in good standing all the guarantees and warnings necessary to protect the staff and contractors independent of the seller, the buyer or his related employees or his related customers or his related customers and the public, as is necessary in the conditions and progress of the integration services.

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