Men`s Wearhouse Rental Agreement

Smith says that in August 2016, he rented formal clothing from California Men`s Wearhouse stores and entered into the company`s lease. CINCINNATI—- (BUSINESS WIRE)– Macy`s, Inc. (NYSE:M) announced today that it has signed an agreement with Men`s Wearhouse to open licensed tuxedo rental stores in 300 Macy`s Stores nationwide. „Macy`s is better than any retailer able to support customers with a wide range of special event needs, especially married couples, their families and friends in this important stage in life. Macy`s and Men`s Wearhouse will work together to provide our customers with extra comfort and simplicity, while offering the latest trends in rental tuxedos, including premium designer brands and some exclusive styles for Macy`s. The customer shopping experience is enhanced by Men`s Wearhouse`s specialized and competent service,” says Tim Baxter, Macy`s General Manager of Business. „We see weddings and special events as strategic growth opportunities for Macy`s. We are already known for our register of weddings and gifts, and we continue to build our business in engagement and wedding rings, wedding costumes and dresses, shoes, accessories, fashion jewelry, gifts and other categories. The Tuxedo rental is the next element of the construction of Macy`s special capacity. Founded in 1973, Men`s Wearhouse is one of the largest menswear distributors in North America, with 1,758 stores.

Mr. Wearhouse, Jos. A. Bank, Moores and K-G Stores have a full selection of suits, sports coats, furniture and accessories in exclusive and non-exclusive merchandise brands, as well as Men`s Wearhouse and Tux stores with limited choice. Most K-G stores have a full range of women`s clothing. Tuxedo rentals at Men`s Wearhouse, Jos. A. Bank, Moores and Men`s Wearhouse et Tux. In addition, Men`s Wearhouse operates a global Apparel and workwear group, consisting of Twin Hill in the United States and Dimensions, Alexandra and Yaffy in the United Kingdom. The plans call for the opening of the first 17 macy`s Tuxedo Shops in the fall of 2015 in markets in New Jersey, San Francisco and Houston, with a rollout of 300 stores by fall 2016. Macy`s and Men`s Wearhouse will also collaborate to develop a digital tuxedo rental on

Tuxedo rentals must be incorporated into Macy`s wedding occasions and specials According to Men`s Wearhouse`s group action, the late refund settlement states in the rental agreement: „Late charges are charged daily and are charged on a lump sum, after receipt of late clothing, up to the full replacement fee for the garment concerned. If a garment is returned more than 21 days late, the replacement fee is charged to the customer. Smith says he paid several late fees under the agreement. Men`s Wearhouse will be the exclusive tuxedo rental provider at Macy`s, although Macy`s continues to sell tuxedos from its own men`s range. Absolutely AGREE with you!! Men`s Warehouse is deprived of the use, of its own property, so the specific type of Tuxedo would have been scheduled for an upcoming wedding party. How should F`in LAZY be someone in the simple return of a Tuxedo? I was able to rent a Tuxedo 10 times. If it was for a wedding.

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