Share Pledge Security Agreement

(f) not to create or suffer pawn fees on or in connection with mortgage security, with the exception of the security interests established here and there; SECTION 12. Absolute security interest. To the extent permitted by law, all pledgee and Pledgor rights in this regard are absolute and unconditional, (i) any nullity or application of a subsidiary agreement or other agreement or other related agreement or instrument, (ii) any change in the time, manner or place of payment or any other clause with respect to any obligation or other amendment or refusal of derogation from any guarantee , for any of the obligations or (iii) any other circumstance that may constitute a defence or execution of the Pledgor with respect to the obligations. All authorizations and agencies containing any of the mortgaged guarantees are irrevocable and the powers are linked to an interest. (d) This agreement creates a permanent security interest for subsecured security and: (i) remains fully in force and effective until the commitments are fully or fully fulfilled and (ii) is mandatory and mandatory for the Pledgor and its successors and beneficiaries of the transfer; in exchange for all the rights and remedies of the pawnbroker under this agreement, in favour of the pawnbroker and his successors, takers and beneficiaries, provided that such a transfer or assignment is not valid when it is contrary to applicable securities laws. Without restricting the universality of clause ii of the immediately earlier rate, subject to compliance with applicable securities laws and applicable provisions of ancillary agreements, Pledgee may otherwise transfer or transfer the obligation to another person or organization, in whole or in part, and its rights conferred by the ancillary agreements, and that other person or organization is therefore , with all the benefits granted to the financial institution. , or otherwise transferred, unless these benefits are due to the status of such an acquirer or other purposes. In the case of such an authorized assignment or assignment, all referrals in this agreement are addressed to the plenipotentiary of the oath agent. None of the Rights or Obligations of the Pledgor may be transferred or otherwise transferred by Pledgee without Pledgee`s prior written consent. (c) If the Pledgor does not fulfill an agreement or obligation under this agreement or its commitments, the pawn giver may fulfill or enforce the agreement or obligation itself with respect to the pledges, and the costs incurred by the pawnbroker are paid by the Pledgor in accordance with Section 10 and insured by the security under the pledges. b) Pledgor receives, because of ownership or as a security holder, a (i) stock certificate (including, but not limited, to a dividend or distribution related to an increase or reduction in capital, reclassification, merger, consolidation, sale of assets, combination of shares, spin-off, spin-off or split) , any other instrument, (ii) option or right, either a supplement, , replacement or, for remuneration, security or any other means, iii) dividends or interest payable in cash or securities or other property, (iv) dividends, interest and other distributions, other than cash for , all security, (v) dividends or other distributions related to a partial or total liquidation or partial liquidation or , excess capital or surplus paid, or (vi) cash, payable or otherwise distributed, in the event of withdrawal or exchange of security, shares, securities of shares, instruments, instruments, instruments, option, rights, ownership, payment or distribution which constitute collateral, are and are delivered without delay to pledges and are received as collateral of the confidence in pledges.

, are separated from the other assets of Pledgor153s and are delivered without delay in the form exactly released in the penny, with all the necessities of the pledges as versi

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