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Welcome to our Candy Factory. You will find short video below- we invite you to the short trip to a special place which we are proud of, and where we made our sweet jelly gifts with diligence.

Fruity jellies have been carefully selected and they create fantatic sweet compositions.

We also offer the tea bouquets, and jelly alternative to popular snack- to find more click Our New Products. Sweet gift is prefect one to express our feelings.

We put our heart and soul into our sweet products.

We use only high-quality jellies made of fruit juice!


Fruit jellies contain sugar and sweeteners. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, water, gelatine, flavours, plant oils (coconut, palm) modified starch, dextrose, humectant (sorbitol), acids (citric, lactic, malic, taratric), acidity regulator (trisodium citrate), fruit juice (grape, rasberry,wildberry peach, apple, cherry, pear, pineapple, strawberry, black currrant, banana, blueberry, kiwifruit, chokeberry, mango, passion fruit), plant concentrats (elder, hibiscus, carrot, safflower, radish, sweet potatoe, spirulina alga), wheat starch, colorants (curcumin, carminic acid, copper complexes of chlorophylls, beta-carotene, vegetable carbon, calcium carbonate, anthocians, brilant blue FCE, patent blue, titanium dioxide, pepper extract, carrot concentrates (carrot, pampkin, apple, black carrot), saffron extract, spirulina alga extract), glazing agents (carnauba wax, beewax) gelling agents (gum arabic,pectins), carmelized sugar syrup, inverted sugar syrup.

Nutrition facts label

Net weight:
160 g standard bouquet / 53g mini one

Serving size: 100g
Calories: 1402kJ / 322kcal
Fat: < 0,5 (including unsaturated fatty acids<0,1) Total Carbohydrate: 75g (including sugar 45g)
Protein: 6,7g
Salt: 0,02g

We provide


We act in accordance with International Food Standart, which is an unified security system  obliges food and food chain producers to respect particular regulations. Especially important for retail seller who produce for the hypermarkets brands. International Food Standard are indespenible condition for food producers who delivered their product to hypermarkets and want to export them in UE. IFS certificate means that the factory fullfied the requirements of thorough inspection. For food chain producers IFS  in Storage&Distribution is binding.



Sweet Bouquets

An unusal way to express your smile and joy and give them to someone elese. Sweet bouquets are fantastic, hand-made gifts for almost everyone. Check where our products are AVAILABLE.