Sweet novelities

We do love new things that is why we still search for different kinds od sweet gifts and introduce them on the Polish market. Now we offer jelly alternative to popular snacks - jelly hot dog, jelly burger and sweet sushi- made of delicious, fruit jellies in fancy and good-looking packages.

Our jelly products are fantastic snacks during family picknic or meeting with friends but also when you spend afternoon playing with your kids. Compositions contain many small pieces which can be easily shared with anybody you want, at the same time they can be used as a points scored in a game.

Enjoy your jelly meal!

Hot Dog

Hot dog  made of delicious jellies, packed in a transparent box is a real surprice in an American style. It looks like real one containing buns, marinade, dips and of course sausage - 20 jallies create impressive, sweet hot dog. You can easily share such an unusual snack with your friends :)

Weight: 100 g

Jelly Burger

Orginal, 100% jelly burger it a real treat for jelly lovers. It looks like a hamburger: meat, cucumber, lettuce, ketchup everything made of 22 pieces of jellies packed into a box in a smart way.  Enjoy that lovely meal with your friends and play the taste of jallies. We guarantee that it will surprise everyone as a bonus to a gift or simply sweet presents.

Weight: 130g

Jelly Sushi

It is the first time that sushi is so sweet. It is made with diligence that it looks as real one. Hand-rolled jelly sushi, on the special trace with jelly wasabi is a fantastic gift  but also a snack on date.

Weight: 300 g

For everyone! For every occasion!



Sweet Bouquets

An unusal way to express your smile and joy and give them to someone elese. Sweet bouquets are fantastic, hand-made gifts for almost everyone. Check where our products are AVAILABLE.