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Happiness expressed with colours

Currently we offer jelly bouquets in two different sizes and also tea bouquets.
Tea and jellies have been carefully selected to create wonderfull, colorful bouquets.

A sweet bouquet is a universal but unusual way to express your feelings. Our varied, colourful packages will surely satisfy any person you want. There is something for everyone.

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Our standard bouquets consist of 160 g of delicious, top-quality fruit jellies arranged into sweet flower bouquets which can be easily displayed on the table after unwrapping due to a plate which forms a basis of the composition.
It is a such unique gift, available in varied, colourful wrapping paper which makes it the best present for every occasion.



Our composition made of tea packages is a great alternative to the jelly bouquets. A selection of teas in bouquet will make a nice surprise for parents, grandparents, a new friend, your boss or even for someone without a sweet tooth. Another perfect gift :)



The mini bouquet sweet jelly gift consists of a hard to resist 53 g of delicious, top quality fruit jellies. The perfect size to try our products and fall in love with them. The difficulty is to decide whether to eat or display :) Such a mini gift is a handy idea for lovely present for everyone.

Any time is good... to gift somebody with a sweet bouquet!



Sweet Bouquets

An unusal way to express your smile and joy and give them to someone elese. Sweet bouquets are fantastic, hand-made gifts for almost everyone. Check where our products are AVAILABLE.